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When Disaster Strikes Your Home: What to Do in the First 7 Days

Disasters are unexpected and can happen to anyone. Sometimes a weather pattern causes high winds that destroy roofs and damages siding. Other times, it is fire or flood that causes damage to a home. All disasters are tragic and can be stressful for the property owners for years to come. While we hope you never have to endure a disaster and the subsequent damage to your home, it is important to know that the first week is crucial to getting your property back to normal.

Here are steps you should take within the first seven days of a disaster.

Ensure Safety.

First things first, ensure the safety of yourself, your family members, and pets. If your house has structural damage, it is wise to get out. Check into a hotel or stay with loved ones so that your safety is not compromised by continuing to live in your home.

Inform Your Insurance Company.

Call your insurance agent to inform them of the situation. They will have some general questions and need your policy number and current contact information.

Call Roberts Restoration Company.

Restoration companies specialize in disaster restoration, meaning they manage the entire process from clean-up to restoration. Roberts Restoration’s insurance claim specialist is here to ask the questions you may not be prepared to ask your insurance provider. We minimize the problems that come with preparing, documenting, negotiating and finalizing insurance claims. We arrange for an inspection of your damaged property, then negotiate the maximum settlement. Not every roofing contractor has this experience; in fact, most roofing companies are not equipped with the skills to make the insurance claim process as easy and stress-free.

The team at Roberts Restoration has decades of experience working with homeowners throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Our team works with insurance adjusters and representatives all the time, and we work with them to assure our clients are getting the best services and materials available.

Call one of our offices to get started on your repairs today.

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